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Select any of our riddles and hit the 'Add to Quiz Button' to start building your own riddles quiz. Your riddles quiz will be automatically scored and your quiz takers will appear on a leaderboard. Use the quiz creator for your own trivia nights or share with students to test their smarts.

Lady thinking intensely
  1. Hit 'Add to Quiz'
  2. Browse our riddles and hit the 'Add to Quiz' button. You'll see a 'My Quiz' link appear in the top menu which will allow you to see what you've added and manage your existing quiz.
  3. Add your own Riddles
  4. On the 'My Quiz' page hit the 'Add my own riddle' button to enter your riddle and answer.
  5. Hit Share
  6. Hit the share button to share a link to your quiz with your friends and quiz takers. Add a username and password and you can come back to edit your quiz.