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How to become a riddle master

Learn to recognize the type of riddle in front of you. There are three methods employed by riddles, enigmas, wordplay and misdirection. You can read more about them here. The riddle to the right is an example of misdirection. Most people will try and find a pattern amongst the numbers and colors. Your assumption is that the mistake is in that part of the riddle but the mistake is in the spelling of the question itself 'MITSAKE'. Ask which basic assumptions you're making if you can't think of an answer to.

Riddle: Find the Mistake
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'Mistake is misspelled'
Riddle: Step Step Pets
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'2 steps forwards, 1 step backwards'

Find the riddle on this page

Think you're a riddle master? Find our hard riddles to easy? We've hidden a riddle on this page but you'll have to contact us to see if you have the answer. Don't bother contacting if you can't find it as we'll not provide any clues you'll just have to think differently.

What is a riddle?

Challenge a friend to a riddle and you'll see why riddlers have been testing our wit in all cultures since ancient babylonian times. Riddles are puzzles in the form of a statement question or image. There are countless unsolved riddles many of which like the Exeter scroll riddles continue to be debated by scholars. The first recorded riddle was written in 2000 BCE "my knees hasten, my feet do not rest, a shepherd without pity drives me to pasture" The answer which we assume to be a river or boat was not recorded and the riddle isn't exactly fun but it does like all riddles challenge our assumptions.

Riddle: The word job with the letters an inside the o
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'An inside job'
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